Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Observations of Skateboarding tricks.

I love to skateboard and I am observing that when you want to do a trick you have to put equal force on the board as you are jumping up in the air.  So when you push down on the board, the board has the front wheels in the air and the tail of the board is on the ground.  Then I observed that to get the board in the air you have to push down on the tail and jump up at the same time.  But if you just jump up after pushing down on the tail you will not get the board up in the air.  What you have to do is push down on the tail of the board, jump up at the same time and you have to slide your front foot up the length of the board and when you slide your front foot up the back wheels of the board will lift off of the ground and the board will level out in mid air and then you will fall back on to the board and land your ollie. The other thing that I observed is that to do a flip trick on a skateboard you have to do the first two steps which are to push down on the tail of the skateboard and to jump up in the air.  But to do a flip trick, instead of just sliding your foot up the board you have to slide your foot either left or right off of the board to make the board spin.  Then you have to flick your feet out of the way so the board can finish its rotation and you have to bring your feet back together to land back on your board and successfully land your heel flip. what other tricks would you like to learn? post them in the comments.

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